Let’s talk about immigration…….

It’s estimated that there are over eleven million (so called) illegal residents in this country so rounding them up and sending them back to their home country is unrealistic.

The 4th., 5th., 6th. and 14th Amendments of our Constitution call for Due Process and Equal Protection, which means every individual citizen or not, is entitled to certain rights among which is, his or her day in court. An impossible task given there are only 58 Immigration courts in the country, our inability to apprehend and house them as they wait for a court to hear their case. From a logistics stand point, the economic cost (into the multi-billions) would be staggering.


Our borders need to be strengthened, not with fences (14th Century technology) but with an increase in border patrol, drones and technology, more importantly to enforce our current laws regarding their employment.

What kind of people are we who would advocate rounding up 11,000,000 or more, men women and children and dropping off at the border (which border). Has anyone ever thought this through?

Besides the billions of dollars it would cost to do this, what will happen if Mexico refuses to take them because they’re from South or Central America? Do we leave them without food and water how about money? To begin with, how do we locate them? What if they refuse to go voluntarily? Do we hire thousands of new ICE agents, do we appoint hundreds of new judges? Do we build more Immigration courts and jails to accommodate them while they wait for their case to be heard?  The only practical answer is to have them register, pay a fine, and begin a path towards citizenship. It is far better to have them become a productive members of society, pay taxes and know who they are rather than to ignore them. They are not going back, so let’s fix the problem NOW!


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