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Barry on the radio. "I miss having
my own show but bigger
things are in store"!

Barry with members of the Las
Vegas Asian Community.

A voluneer gathering
signatures for my campaign.
These are amazing people
who believe in what I stand for.

Playing with my dog "Bentley."

Riding my bike and
staying healthy!


At a time where America struggles to repay debt and put people back to work, I am reminded of the times in my life that I faced similar struggles. I believe it is my love of business and passion for politics that have allowed me to overcome hardships. That is experience I want to bring to Washington.   

As to my personal life; I am a divorced father of two fabulous daughters, one 18 and the 21 who are both attending an out of state university on acedemic schlorship's. Family is very important to me and as such they have been the lite of my life. Lets not leave out my best and devoted friend Bentley who is five year old boxer.

I  have what most would consider a “checkered past” and have paid the price several times over. I am a convicted white-collar offender (ex-felon) who spent fifteen months of a twenty-one month sentence at the minimum security Nellis Federal Prison Camp in North Las Vegas for security and tax violations that occurred in 1992.

Being convicted does not necessarily mean being guilty but long ago I decided I couldn’t win this battle so I plead guilty and  “productively” served my time. Looking back I can honestly say; "I believe this sentence was payback time for prior business practices that were not always above board." I believe many of my mistakes were due to my lack of knowledge of the law. This is a part of my life that I'm not proud of, but its part of my past which I've learned a very costly lesson from. This is one reason I believe so strongly in education, especially education focusing on law and government.

During my stay at Nellis I became a constant visitor to their law library where I began to help other inmates with their legal issues and soon realized the system wasn't perfect. As I did my research, I listened to inmates complain, and I would respond; "if you don't like the law change it, but it's the law". It was then that I realized I had a special love for the law.

While at Nellis I promised myself I would return to school. Upon my release I. enrolled at UNLV where I earned Bachelor of Arts in Political Science, followed by a Masters of Arts in Public Administration.

After taking my first political science class I realized how important politics is, and how it affects our everyday life. I began my political career in ‘02 when I wrote and sponsored two Nevada Initiatives. The first would have provided additional funds for K - 12 public education, while the second was to change a Nevada Statute to call for a presumption of shared parenting, rather than joint custody in issues of child custody.

For over forty years I've created and operated all types of business's, from manufacturing to advertising and in '04 I began to resurrect a vision I had more than ten years ago of starting a new generation airline and one that I’m hoping will make it maiden flight by the end of this year. At about the same time I started another business to help small businesses incorporate. That business now acts as a Nevada Resident Agent for nearly one thousand companies.






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