Barry’s Story

I’m Barry Michaels and I’m running as a Democrat for Nevada’s 3rd. Congressional District. My story is quite different than most, nearly 20 years ago I plead guilty to a securities and tax violation and spent the next 15 months in a federal prison camp. That was then, this is now.

I’ve never held a public office and if I’m elected, I will never hold another office. I’m not interested in furthering my career, I just want to use my knowledge and experience to make our Country an even better one, by offering a new and different voice in congress.

My career began as a Doctor of Chiropractic than quickly moved into the world of business. I spent the next 40 plus years starting and managing many different businesses from a pizza parlor to a national airline.

college diploma

When most people my age were planning their retirement, I returned to college and earned a Bachelor’s degree in Political Science along with a Master’s in Public Administration from the University of Nevada, Las Vegas (See above). In addition, I’ve taken numerous classes in the U.S. Constitution, Civil/Criminal Law, International Relations, including Latin American and Middle East politics.

Unfortunately today’s politics are all about the money, the more you have, the better your chances of winning. Although I’ve never held political office, I have run before without the benefit of campaign financing. I vowed this time would be different.

At my age, I’m not afraid to take on the Washington political establishment. My goal is to win this election by providing solutions, rather than flaunt a wish list. I believe in telling it as it is, rather than telling you what you want to hear. I’ve often been called a visionary, one who can come up with the ideas and implement them. Not ideas of yesterday, but for today and the our future.

As a freshman congressman you can’t get much done but what separates me from others is my ability to become the loose cannon among the other representatives. What I mean by that is, I’m knowledgeable enough to use outside sources including the media to pressure those I feel are about to make decisions which are not in the best interest of the general public, but instead self serving.

The average cost for running a campaign for the House has risen greatly over the past few years and is now over $1.8 million. Mounting a political campaign is like starting a business, you surround yourself with good people, plan your direction and  implement your strategy. All of which are my next steps.


To kick my campaign off we’ve designed a series of Smart Shirts related to the issues which are most important to all of us. As an incentive, we’ve decided to give them away as a gift for any contribution of $50 or more. As little as a dollar ($1.00) will show your support for my efforts.